Mental Health Activity Manager - Nigeria H/F

MSF-CH started its activities in Nigeria in July 2016 in response to the mass influx of IDPs in Borno State. Operations were extended from Banki to Ngala and Rann at the beginning of 2017; with these three interventions initially being managed from Cameroon.


MSF worked in 2 main projects (Ngala and Rann) and does surveillance or seasonal activities in Banki.  Coordination is based in Maiduguri, with an administrative and supply back base in Abuja, the country capital. MSF does primary and secondary health care, community-based interventions, and WASH activities.


In 2018, MSF intervention has mainly been focused on two main projects Ngala (primary and secondary health care) and Rann (PHC, community approach), though a small presence has been kept in Banki. Due to continuous security incidents in Rann, the project was halted in January 2019. From July to October, MSF will implement SMC activities in all the above mentioned locations, which were already successfully conducted in 2017, 2018 and 2019.

General Context of Mission and Maiduguri:

  • Volatile security context with continuous BH excursions into MSF OCG area of intervention in the field on either side of the border; counterinsurgency operations are ongoing (Ngala, Rann, Banki, Damasak).
  • In Maiduguri strict State curfew in place (22.00-6.00), PBIED attacks continue, same for BH incursions in the wider Metropolitan Area and neighbouring LGAs
  • +++ armed stakeholders present in MDG and the field locations (military, police, civilian-paramilitary, insurgent groups)
  • Civil-military: MSF OCG continues to have to compromise on access principles in the field locations (need to move with military escort, sleep in military premises). Civil-Military lines are heavily blurred and constant negotiating for accepting humanitarian principles and enhance humanitarian space are required with the armed stakeholders on coordination and field level.
  • Strict movement protocols in place, which need to be adhered to by all staffs (preflags for movement validation in the field, strict movement protocols, movement restrictions in the field and Maiduguri).

Specific objectives for the position

To implement the provision of the mental health care to the IDPs presented to MSF clinic in Ngala Camp and contribute to the training of national staff involved on the related activities:

  • In collaboration with the MAM and under supervision of MTL to implement a post trauma activities counselling and follow up of related to psychosomatic disorders, this has been 15% of the total morbidities of November 2017 for Ngala project.
  • Training of Midwives, medical doctors, nurses for consultations, lab technician on counselling and post counselling. The Community workers will also be trained.
  • To implement the psychomotor exercises in ITFC.
  • To support Midwife on implementation of PMTCT and SGBV activities if needed.
  • If needed and on demand mental health support for Expat in the field.
  • Developing tools, guidelines and coordinating the implementation of all mental health standard and protocol in order to provide the most appropriate treatment for patients
  • Identifying the needs of mental health in the project and propose the appropriate strategy and mental health activities, including the budget.
  • Participating in monthly reports (sitrep and data) and reporting of cases to help with decision making and problem solving

5 years university studies plus clinical trainings are the minimum requirements.
➢ University studies - one of the following:
▪ Master Level Degree or equivalent in:
• Psychology with relevant trainings for clinical practice, specialization in clinical psychology, counseling, psychotherapy, psychopathology, neuropsychology, child psychology…,

Able to recognise patients with mental health issues and diagnosed the specific problem of each of them for proper management.

Cognitive and behavioral expertise in addressing sexual harassment and violence, and other form of abuse in a BIC context.

Good communication with the medical staff and line manager, share timely regular information with line manager.

Type of contract : fixed term

Duration : 6 months

Starting date : April 2022

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