Quality and Risk Management Referent M/F

Main Purpose
• Updating and coordinating the implementation of quality and risk management strategy ensuring to be aligned with MSF quality of care policy and RSH operational strategies and orientations.
• Cultivate a culture of continuous improvement and prioritize patient safety among the staff, actively promoting awareness and adherence.
• Advocate for and lead the implementation of a Patient-Centered Care approach across all hospital functions.
• Provide dedicated support for the ongoing reflection and improvement of efficiency in patient pathways and care organizations, maintaining a steadfast commitment to upholding high standards of quality and safety.
• Collaborate with cross-functional teams to ensure the integration of quality measures and risk mitigation strategies into daily operations.
• Conduct regular assessments and audits to identify areas for improvement, implementing corrective actions and monitoring their effectiveness.
• Act as a resource and educator, providing training sessions and guidance on quality and risk management practices for staff at all levels.
• Engage in continuous learning and stay ahead of best practices, incorporating relevant advancements into the hospital's quality framework.
• Establish clear communication channels to disseminate information on quality initiatives, achievements, and areas requiring attention, fostering a transparent and accountable environment.
• Work closely with hospital leadership to align quality and risk management efforts with broader organizational goals and objectives.

MSF Section/Context Specific Accountabilities

• Reconstructive Surgery Hospital – average of 550 admissions per year
• Over 1000 surgeries annually,
• 56 surgical beds and 126 rehabilitation beads,
• 2 OTs for orthopaedic, maxillo-facial and plastic surgeries,
• OPD with in average 550 consultations / month
• Physiotherapy and mental health and psychosocial departments, and a micro laboratory within the hospital

Specific Responsibilities

Designing and coordinating the implementation of quality and risk management strategy:

• Input Gathering: Collect input from all RSH departments and external standards (indicators, patient feedback, complaint mechanisms, incidents, MSF guidelines, HCAC hospital accreditation standards).
• Transversal Strategy: Identify priorities and update a transversal quality improvement (QI) strategy and action plan.
• Risk Management: Lead and structure the risk management system, including adverse events reports, risk deep analysis, and action plan monitoring.
• Documentation Management: Lead and structure the documentation management system to ensure updated and shared processes and protocols.
• Procedure Implementation: Delegated by the Hospital team, when needed, to follow the implementation and adjustments of new procedures/processes.
• Evaluation System: Enhance the evaluation system by supporting department initiatives, conducting regular audits, and monitoring qualitative indicators.
• Supervision: Supervise the quality focal points team in collaboration with the management team, and animate the QI steering committee.
• Collaboration: Work with the management team to define priorities and improvement/changes quality orientations according to department objectives and strategies.
• External Liaison: Liaise with external actors involved in QI initiatives (MSF referents, HCAC, other surgical hospitals when delegated) to align strategies and initiatives

Cultivate a culture of continuous improvement and prioritize patient safety among the staff, actively promoting awareness and adherence:

• Methodological Support: Provide methodological support to all RSH actors involved in quality improvement initiatives.
• Training and Communication: Organize training and institutional communication for staff.
• Skill Upgrade: Support quality focal points in skills upgrade and capacity enhancement.

Advocate for and lead the implementation of a Patient-Centered Care approach across all hospital functions.

• Leadership: Next to Hospital director, lead, execute and follow the PCA initiatives.
• Active Participation: Act as a main active member of the PCC committee.
• Promotion: Promote PCC among the teams and support related initiatives.
• Supervision: Supervise the patient feedback and complaints mechanism (satisfaction survey, patient interviews, complaints mechanism).
• Feedback Provision: Provide patient feedback to the PCC committee.

Support Improvement on Patient Pathways and Care Organizations efficiency

• Methodological Support: Provide methodological and project management support.
• Data Analysis: Provide data analysis and monitoring to strengthen processes and enhance efficiency, quality, and safety.
• Implementation monitoring by indicators or other monitoring tools to ensure effectiveness of changes

Additional Activities:
• Weekly Meetings: Participate in weekly management meetings as a member of RSH's coordination team.
• Mission Support: Upon request, capitalize on RSH's experience, present the quality approach, and support other missions

Education Degree in quality management
or degree in nursing plus experience in quality management.

Desirable: 5-years experience in quality management in hospital setting. Having worked in MSF or other NGO’s and in developing countries is a plus.

Mission language (English) essential, local language desirable.


• Project management
• Leadership
• Result-oriented
• curiosity
• Teamwork.
• Ability to federate
• Facilitation skills
• Listening capacity

Status: Position based in Amman, Jordan.

Working hours: Office hours 

Starting date:  ASAP

April 16, 2024

Contract type
Fixed-term contract
12 months
Closing date
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