Regional Technical Referent (Middle east) Biomedical Engineer M/W

Médecins Sans Frontières, an international medical and humanitarian association founded in 1971, provides medical assistance to communities faced with crises endangering their survival. These crises typically take the form of armed conflict but also include epidemics, natural catastrophes and even exclusion from healthcare. The French section of MSF is present in some thirty countries worldwide.

For a new position, we recruit a Regional Technical referent (Middle east) Biomedical Engineer.

You are the first technical support for the MSF Coordination’s teams based in the Middle East, where MSF runs a number of medical programs (i.e in Yemen, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, and Palestinian Territories). As a RTR biomedical engineer, you are the first responder to questions coming from Coordinations and the MSF Projects on the field about biomedical activity.
You also are the warrant of the respect of MSF logistic policy, guidelines and procedures.

Principle duties of the position:


On collaboration with the Headquarter Biomedical Technical Referent , the log cell and the Logistics Coordinator of the countries area, the RTR:
• Conducts scheduled visits in the countries within her/his geographic area, according to the terms of reference established by the Logistics Coordinator of the requesting country.
• Is the central point for technical support requests, and answers questions coming from the Logistics Coordinators in her/his geographic area, if necessary, with the help of the Technical Advisor.
• Helps develop the visit schedules and proposes any modifications to the original schedule, as required by operational needs. Final validation of the schedules and/or modifications to them is/are the responsibility of the host country Logistics Coordinator working with the Technical Advisor.
• Is available to participate in emergency operations in her/his geographic area.
• Along with the Technical Advisor, helps define the policies related to her/his specialty area by providing feedback.
• Participates in R&D on equipment and/or practices in her/his specialty by taking part in testing campaigns and offering feedback on the projects in her/his geographic area.
• Analyses the components of her/his activity for all of the missions in her/his geographic area at least once a year.
• Drafts visit reports and an annual activity report.

Under the direct responsibility of the log cell and supervised by the logistic coordinator for the intervention country, the RTR:
• Responds to one-off missions at the request of the Logistics Coordinators for the countries in her/his geographic region.
• Helps recruit national technicians.
• Contributes to continuing education for the teams.
• Evaluates the technical level of the (national and international) specialists, helps define career paths and offers ad hoc training.
• Validates the service providers and product-supplier pairs.
• Advises and supports the logistics coordinators in decision-making related to his/her technical specialty.


• Planning decisions are made by:
      - Dubai OCP (OCP MSF) Cell Logistic Manager (CLM) concerned
      - RLO (precise) when several cells are involved and get reach an agreement.
• Yearly planning is drawn up by the CLM, adjusted quarterly according to the field/ mission requests, or any emergencies that might arise and then managed by the Regional Technical Referents.
• Administrative and health issues are handled by the host coordination team.
• Travels organisation to mission and headquarter is coordinated by administrative teams and Dubai Cell human resource officers respectively in line with drawn quarterly movement plan
• Over-arching line management is provided by the hosting logistics coordinator, short-term line management is provided by the logistics coordinator of any country visited.
• In collaboration with PoS (precise) the functional aspects of the post are supervised by Dubai CLM concerned
• The annual review is carried out by the hierarchical and headquarters' technical advisor.
• The post is situated at level N12 of the function scale.



Biomedical Engineer or Equivalent

Graduated in biomedical engineering


Experience :

Field experience on logistic and a significant experience on the domain (precise) is required.

Experience of working in NGO is a plus


Good technical knowledge in his/her specialty

Good management skills and project follow up.

Good reporting capacity

Good coaching and training ability

Mandatory: English read, spoken and written. Arabic and French is an added advantage

Aptitudes :

Flexible and well-organized

Works well with others, rigorous, analytical and good at synthesizing information

Good interpersonal, communication and listening skills

Terms of employment:

1 year contract – full time.

Based in Jordan,  with frequent travels (more than 50% of the time) between the missions in Middle East (Jordan, , Iraq, Yemen, Syria and Palestine) and the office in Dubai.

Salary according to the MSF salary grid and previous relevant experiences

Position to be taken: 01st July 2023

Contract type
Fixed-term contract
12 months
Closing date
Post type