Coffee and Conversation with Fehmi Hannachi, Ambassador & Advisory Board Member at MSF UAE

3 Jun 2021
Supporter's Story
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United Arab Emirates

This year MSF celebrates its 50th anniversary, to mark this occasion we wanted to learn more about the journey of one of MSF UAE's Ambassadors and Advisory Board members; a longtstanding supporter of the MSF movement globally, Fehmi Hannachi.

Fehmi is an experienced Senior International Financier with over 20 years in the finance industry, holding senior positions in Europe & the MENA. His roles covered business development & managerial positions with a particular emphasis on Trade & Commodity Finance. He has a tremendous passion for philanthropy & international co-development projects.

You can learn more about Fehmi’s support to MSF, his thoughts on many subjects and the rationale behind his generous giving of time and resources.

Q1 Who is Fehmi Hannachi?

Q2 What inspired Fehmi to become a supporter of MSF?

Q3 Is there an important moment, person or special occasion at MSF that influenced his decision?

Q4 What prompted Fehmi to make your gift at particular times?

Q5 What can people do to become MSF's supporters?

Q6 What would Fehmi like to say on MSF’s 50th anniversary?

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