Ebola: MSF staff member evacuated from Mali

24 Nov 2014
Press release

The international medical humanitarian organisation Médecins Sans Frontières / Doctors Without Borders (MSF) confirms that one of its international staff members, a Spanish national, has been evacuated from Mali to Spain as a precautionary measure following an exposure incident.

The staff member, a Spanish national on assignment in Bamako, was injured while working with a patient who had confirmed Ebola. The staff member is not showing symptoms of the disease at this time and has not tested positive for Ebola.

 In line with MSF precautionary procedures, the staff member is being transferred to a treatment centre in Madrid using a private aircraft as a precautionary measure and she will be followed up for three weeks.

Risk present despite protocols

“Despite our strict protocols, risk cannot be completely eliminated. However, evacuating staff members who have possibly been exposed to the virus allows them, should they become ill, to be isolated swiftly and receive treatment surrounded by their loved ones,” said Joan Tubau, general director of MSF Spain.  

“We hope that our colleague won’t be affected; that this incident will remain just as an incident so she can continue with her life. We ask the public and the media to respect her request for anonymity.”

For reasons of medical confidentiality, and to preserve the privacy of its staff member and the family, MSF will not provide any further comment at this time.

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