Syria: Airstrikes destroy Al Quds hospital in Aleppo leaving 14 dead

28 Apr 2016
Press release

Update 14:45 29 April

  • The death toll at the Al Quds hospital, which was supported by MSF and a number of other organisations, has now risen to more than 50 from the hospital and surrounding areas where the bombs first hit, it includes patients and at least six medical staff. 

The bombing of an Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF)-supported Al Quds hospital in the northern Syrian city of Aleppo, has killed at least 14 people, including at least two doctors.

According to hospital staff on the ground, the hospital was destroyed by at least one airstrike which directly hit the building on Wednesday night, reducing it to rubble. Other airstrikes in the neighbourhood also hit areas close to the hospital.

"Stop this carnage"

"MSF categorically condemns this outrageous targeting of yet another medical facility in Syria," said Muskilda Zancada, MSF head of mission, Syria.

"This devastating attack has destroyed a vital hospital in Aleppo, and the main referral centre for paediatric care in the area. Where is the outrage among those with the power and obligation to stop this carnage?"

The situation in Aleppo city, consistently at the frontlines of the brutal conflict, was critical even before this attack.

An estimated 250,000 people remain in the city, which has seen dramatic increases in levels of bombardments, fighting and fatalities in recent weeks. Only one road remains open in and out of the non- government held areas. If it gets cut off, the city will become besieged.

Over the last week, several other medical structures have been attacked and destroyed in Aleppo, and five rescue workers from the Syrian Civil Defence organisation have been killed.

MSF has been donating medical supplies to Al Quds hospital since 2012, and has built a very strong working relationship with the staff there.

"The sky is falling in Aleppo"

"Compounding this tragedy is that the dedication and commitment of the staff of Al Quds, working under unimaginable conditions, has been unwavering throughout this bloody conflict," continued Zancada. 

“The sky is falling in Aleppo. The city, consistently at the frontlines of this brutal war is now in danger of coming under a full offensive, no corner is being spared. Attacks on hospitals and medical staff are a devastating indicator of how the war in Syria is waged, one of numerous brutal ways in which civilians are targeted.

“The attack on Al Quds hospital has destroyed one of the last remaining places in Aleppo in which you could still find humanity. Aleppo is already a shell of what it once was, this most recent assault appears determined to eliminate even that.

“MSF has been supporting Al Quds since 2012. It has been an incredible honour for us to be able to work so closely with such dedicated people. We see day in and day out how they risk their lives through this living hell of a war, to ensure people can access medical care. Their loss is our loss, and we remain committed to helping the hospital restart activities.”

The 34-bed hospital offered services including an emergency room, obstetric care, an outpatients department, an inpatients department, an intensive care unit and an operating theatre. Eight doctors and 28 nurses worked full time in the hospital, which was the main referral centre for paediatrics in Aleppo.

MSF runs six medical facilities across northern Syria and supports more than 150 health centres and hospitals across the country, many of them in besieged areas. Several hospitals across north and south Syria have been bombed since the start of 2016, including seven supported by MSF - in which at least 42 people have been killed, including at least 16 medical staff. 

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