The War-wounded Children of MSF Amman Paint While in Recovery

19 Jun 2017
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In May this year, the children at the MSF Reconstructive Surgery Hospital in Amman, Jordan, painted the hospital wards with the help of Dubai-based artist Fathima Mohiuddin.

The children at the RSP come from war-torn countries of the Middle East, such as Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Palestine. They have often suffered life-changing war wounds, or horrific domestic burns, and come to the Amman hospital to receive the treatment they need in order to live a normal life again, whether it be to walk, talk or chew food independently once more.

This art project gave the kids, who have suffered much trauma at an early age, the chance to brighten up the dull white walls where they temporarily live with bright colours and beautiful shapes, and gave them the opportunity to express themselves through art. Many thanks to Fathima for taking part in this positive project for these children of war.