• has a diploma in nursing
  • diploma in Nurse Management is an asset


  • 3 years of professional experience (excluding internships) including 2 years in the hospital in two different wards
  • 1 year of experience as a Charge nurse or hospital nurse with experience in team management


  • 6 months


  • English proficiency (B1 level)


  • ready to work within multi-cultural, multi-discipline teams

A Charge nurse defines and implements for the entire hospital, in collaboration with the hospital management team (administrator, logistics, chief medical...), the necessary human, material and organizational resources to ensure the safety, continuity and quality of a nursing activity. They work in partnership with the Hospital Director for all matters relating to the organization of the establishment.


1. Implementing Objectives:

  • Participating in the meetings of the hospital.
  • Participating in the analysis of medical activity data.
  • Participating in the definition of the medical strategy of the project.

2. Management of services and care activities.

  • Defining and managing human resources and materials required for the activity.
  • Application and supervision of good practices (protocols, quality committees ...).

3. Hospital hygiene management (prevention and control of risk of infection).

4. Material management: biomedical equipment, small logistics equipment...

5. Pharmacy management at the service level: procurement, inventory tracking and consumption analysis.

6. Human Resource Management:

  • Definition of the composition of the teams.
  • Supervision of the teams.
  • Definition and organization of training needs.