Haiti: Mobile clinic by donkey

4 Nov 2016
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One month after Hurricane Matthew devastated some parts of Haiti, tens of mountain villages remain inaccessible by road and cut off from basic services.

Our teams are deploying alternative methods to reach them.

While we have fitted mobile clinics into 4x4s, motorbikes and helicopters, donkeys like Patience have also become an essential part of operations.

Journeys to some villages can take more than two hours on foot. This can involve crossing rivers and climbing up steep, rocky mountain-sides - something that Patience is perfectly adpated to.

“It’s a bit difficult,” says one medic. “But still, we can do it.” This is in no small part thanks to Patience, trusted with hauling a variety of equipment from bandages to boots.

The force-4 hurricane caused widespread damage in the southwest of the country, and the heavy rains caused many areas to flood.

As a result of the floods, people have been forced to walk through debris, sustaining injuries to their legs and feet. This puts them at risk of sepsis, which can be fatal if left untreated.

The hurricane also damaged wells, water networks and reservoirs, limiting access to clean water and putting communities at risk of cholera outbreaks.

Donkeys like Patience carry vital supplies for our medics, as well as equipment needed by our water and sanitation specialists, allowing our teams to reach the communities most in need of help.

You can read more about our work in Haiti here.