Tuberculosis can be cured

15 Nov 2017


Far from a thing of the past, this disease kills some 1.7 million people every year.

That’s one person every 18 seconds.


How is it possible that the world’s deadliest infectious disease is actually curable, but so many people are still dying from it?


We surveyed 29 TB-affected countries and found that many are using outdated and ineffective policies, practices and tools for diagnosing and treating TB.


Tuberculosis is preventable, treatable, and curable. Even in resource-constrained countries, it’s not just a question of money. It’s also a problem of political will and priorities that neglect people who are the poorest and most vulnerable.


Now is the time to tell political leaders that words are not enough.

In just a few days, for the first time ever, world health leaders are gathering in Moscow for a tuberculosis summit organized by the World Health Organization.


Our plan is to deliver a flood of signatures from concerned citizens around the world, united with people affected by tuberculosis, to tell these government officials that now is the time to #StepUpforTB and provide the life-saving treatment people need!


Now is the time to tell these health leaders that they can save more lives with real action.


Now is the time to tell them that the whole world is watching—and that includes YOU.