Typhoon Haiyan - MSF sends aid experts and tonnes of supplies

10 Nov 2013
Press release

Three hundred and twenty nine tonnes of emergency supplies being sent, 50 more aid workers on their way to join teams.

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Emergency teams from Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors without Borders (MSF) arrived in Cebu on Saturday 9th November.

Typhoon aid

They have not yet been able to assess the full extent of the needs as access to the affected areas is extremely difficult; Tacloban airport has been destroyed, many of the roads are blocked and it is almost impossible to make telephone calls.

These conditions will inevitably hamper the needs assessment and the delivery of humanitarian aid.

Emergency response

MSF is sending an additional 50 aid experts to the disaster zone, including medical personnel, logisticians and psychologists.

In addition, 329 tonnes of MSF's medical and relief items will arrive in Cebu within the next three days. A first cargo plane leaves from Dubai tomorrow, while a second one leaves from Ostende on Tuesday.

The humanitarian cargo includes medical kits for treating wounded, material for medical consultations, tetanus vaccines, and relief items such as tents and hygiene kits.

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